Is College Football In Trouble Because of Concussions?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is one of the most popular organizations in the United States today because of the ever-rising popularity of college football. Every year, there are countless individuals attending games for their favorite schools, buying merchandise, and investing in their teams.

As such, the NCAA has a lot to lose if something were to go wrong. This means more and more concussions could spell trouble for the state of college football as it is, and in many cases, it is rightfully so as the protection of players should come first.

What Are the Common Problems?

A recent lawsuit brought against the NCAA, the widow of a former college football player claims that the association was negligent with regard to the protection of players’ heads and brains, resulting in numerous concussions and the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

With the knowledge the NCAA had regarding the severity of multiple concussions, their inability to protect players has come under scrutiny. This is especially true when you consider the total number of concussions versus the number of reported concussions by teams.

Many of the injuries sustained by players goes unreported simply because teams are dependent on these players. This means they return to the game soon and are at serious risk of sustaining further damage which could lead to long-term problems.

What Could Come of College Football?

With many fans of the game remaining, it begs to questions whether or not there will be any changes to the game or if it truly is in trouble of losing revenue. However, the players still have rights if they were put at risk and should be able to take legal action as a result.

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