Does a Coach Have a Responsibility to Protect a Player?

Student-athletes in the college football world are at serious risk of injury every time they step on the field. This is unfortunate as many individuals risk long-term damage to their bodies when it comes to brain injuries and concussions.

What responsibility does the coach have, though, to protect a player? It’s important to understand the role that coaches, assistant coaches, and school medical staff have to protect players from suffering serious and long-term dangers associated with concussions.

Following the Concussion Protocol

The coaches must ensure that their team and medical staff are following the proper concussion protocol to determine symptoms and signs of a concussion and prevent them from going back into the game or practice before they are considered clear by the medical staff.

If a coach makes the decision to forego this protocol, they can put their players at risk of sustaining further damage. While most of the concussions only result in short-term effects, the more concussions a player sustains, the more risk for long-term effects.

Ensuring the Players Have Proper Safety Equipment

Players are required to have proper safety equipment to protect themselves from serious injuries, including brain injuries and concussions. This includes helmets which are properly maintained and safe for the players, especially when head-to-head contact occurs.

If a player is allowed to play without their helmets having the proper maintenance or equipment, certain hits can cause significant damage to the player’s brain. The coach may be responsible for the injury if they’re not taking steps to protect their players.

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