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  • Does a Coach Have a Responsibility to Protect a Player?

    Student-athletes in the college football world are at serious risk of injury every time they step on the field. This is unfortunate as many individuals risk long-term damage to their bodies when it comes to brain injuries and concussions. What responsibility does the coach have, though, to protect a player? It’s important to understand the role that coaches, assistant coaches, and school medical ...
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  • What Is the Concussion Protocol?

    In college football, there are a number of injuries that occur on the field of play, but far too often, individuals are unaware of the dangers or allowed to return to the game far sooner than they should be. This is often because the proper safety protocols are not followed. One of the more serious injuries that can be sustained is a concussion. Teams are required to put a player through a ...
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  • Is College Football In Trouble Because of Concussions?

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is one of the most popular organizations in the United States today because of the ever-rising popularity of college football. Every year, there are countless individuals attending games for their favorite schools, buying merchandise, and investing in their teams. As such, the NCAA has a lot to lose if something were to go wrong. This means more ...
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  • Considering the Future: What Is the Impact of a Concussion?

    It seems like nearly every week during the college football season that we see a player come out of the game with a serious injury. Often times, these are the result of a blow to the head that gives the player on the receiving end a concussion. Some individuals knock themselves out of a game with a concussion when they tackle incorrectly and leave their heads exposed. This is a serious injury that ...
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  • Understanding How Injured Football Players Can Take Legal Action

    Imagine spending years of your life playing a game you love, entertaining fans, and getting the opportunity of a lifetime. All of a sudden, you’re looking at multiple concussions, serious head injuries, and potential long-term dangers. This is the unfortunate reality for a large number of individuals who played football for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As a result, they have to ...
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  • When Was the First CTE Lawsuit?

    By now, the whole world has heard about the various head injuries that former athletes develop and leave them facing long-term damages. What many people don’t know about, though, is there have been numerous cases to come forward for the damages sustained. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been aware of these serious injuries for years with many individuals sustaining ...
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